A place for a garden

I'm a California native originally from Los Angeles and former San Franciscan now living in Sacramento and considering a move to Northern Spain (have been looking into Cantabria). I'm motivated in part by wanting a cool, verdant climate where I can have a garden, since summers here are so hot that my roses literally get toasted! To be honest, I'm also distressed by U.S. social trends. For any Americans on this platform, you're probably accustomed to the homelessness and violence we take for granted here. Case in point, only yesterday there was yet another school shooting in Denver, CO, where an 18-year-old high school student was killed and eight others injured. For us, sadly, this is normal. But I'm finding it more and more difficult to live in a society that accepts theses types of events  -- and rafts of the homeless -- as normative. California is beautiful and really, with 40 million residents, a bit like its own country. It's also the most progressive state in the U.S. But even here we can't seem to enact policies that would care for the vulnerable and manage and control the dangerous. In Sacramento a young African-American man suspected of a crime was killed in his grandmother's backyard -- by officers in a helicopter flying above. It's time for my Cal-exit 😉

I'm planning a trip to Northern Spain next summer, and probably a move after I retire in a couple of years. My needs are simple .... I won't be working and of course am not an E.U. citizen. So, just a quiet, peaceful community where I can have a little plot of land. Of course, lots of important details, like real estate, health insurance, cost of living, driving in the E.U., etc., etc., to figure out. But for now, anyone else living there who'd like to recommend their town or community to explore, and where do you buy rose bushes in Northern Spain?

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