Thrice: Technical Error in Car

My Toyota Yaris is 11 months old. Since last one month the car has been giving technical error of 'check engine' light and Toyota promised they repaired it but after a month it happened again for the third time.

I already have a buyer for the car as i may leave the country next month but I'll risk losing the buyer since I'll have to give the car for repair again!

I'm extremely frustrated as they're not able to resolve the matter (which could be a serious matter!)

Can someone suggest the best way out?

Hi freeeeknik,

Your frustration is valid.

You could reach out to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), which is opposite to the Grand Mosque on the Sultan Qaboos Highway.

If you involve PACP, Bahwans would immediately address your problem ... and hopefully satisfactorily this time.

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