Healthcare recruitment agency

Hi everyone,
Can anyone suggest any Expat recruitment agency specializing in healthcare ?
I am radiology technician (X-ray CT scan etc...) living in Paris France and I would like to go living in Malaysia

There are no expat agencies and no specific web portals that specialise in healthcare.

Unfortunately those jobs are usually reserved for local Malaysians. But you can always try and apply through Jobstreet and see what happens. Private hospitals are the best option.

If there are Malaysians who can do the job then foreigners will not be approved a work permit. It is a policy to protect the local workforce. This is the case for all types of job.

Usually ability to speak foreign languages is a good way to find work in Malaysia. For example skills in European languages are in short supply here. However often those jobs are based in customer service or call centres.

Perhaps the middle east is a better place to look for employment in your field.

Otherwise see if any French medical tourism companies are looking for people to assist clients using Malaysian hospitals for their healthcare. Your professional background could be useful as a guest chaperone.

This is really helpful
Thank you very much Gravitas

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