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Hello everyone! My family and I are moving from Boston to Bangkok this summer for about three years. My husband is in the US Army and we have two young daughters (2 years old and a few months old). I’m currently a stay at home mother, but would prefer to have meaningful employment in Bangkok, if possible with visas and such.

Some major questions/projects I have:
- We're considering hiring a live in nanny for the girls and to help with translation and grocery shopping, etc. I don’t know where to start to find someone who speaks decent English and has nanny experience.

- My husband will be working near Ratchathewi/Phaya Thai, and we want to live somewhere that would minimize his commute, so either near there or near the BTS. Any suggestions for western style apartment buildings? Or resources where I can start looking?

- I’m trying to learn a little bit of Thai before we arrive. I’ve started the Pimsleur program, but it’s hard! Lol.

I apologize for the basic questions; we just got orders so I’m just beginning all the research that accompanies an overseas move.

I used to work in Real Estate but nowadays I am in construction.

However I am happy to advise you  will dig out the number of a friend who has been in Real Estate for 25 years in Bangkok and send it to you tomorrow.

If you don't use him no problem but do get an agent because without knowledge of the city and what's good and whats bad you'll be running around like a headless chicken.

The internet can be very misleading. Place that they tell you are near the BTS are miles away and what looks good in photo's can be a dump. Agents eliminate all that and you don't pay them the condo or house owner does.

Good luck with the move

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