Who Are Required to File Income Tax Returns in the Philippines?

I am seeking real / true answer from Gurus in Expat.com, please help, thank you in advance.

Here's my scenario: I am resident alien in PH (A13). Just start working for a website in my country - website designer / webmaster - 100% digital work. I have no source of income in PH.

I receive paycheck after PAYE / Tax deductions. I file tax returns (just did 2018) in my country in the Caribbean. No Double taxation treaty exists between my country and PH.

I receive foreign sourced income from my country in the Caribbean. Am I required to File Income Tax Return in PH?

Please allow me to share my research on the above question: I read on your website: https://www.bir.gov.ph/index.php/tax-in … e-tax.html

QUESTION: Who Are Required to File Income Tax Returns? ANSWER: Aliens, whether resident or not, receiving income from sources within the Philippines.

I am told contrary to the above answer. I am told because I live the PH therefore I am required to file. Something does not seem to be right. Please assist and help. Thank you.

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