Will my TV, bought in Australia, work ok in Bali ?
I'm only interested in Indonesian programmes.
Don't want to watch Australian programmes.
Are TV's cheaper to buy in Bali than in Australia ?


When you factor in transport and import duties, chucking in the risk of damage in transit, it's going to be easier, and probably cheaper, to buy one one the island of the gods.
If you're likely to use a room in your kos, one that others will use when you're away, perhaps a projector with separate tuner (or just an internet connected computer/Android box) as they're small, light, and easy to transport.
There are some very nice 500 lumen short throw units from LG that work a treat in a slightly dimmed room. They sit near the wall, will work happily against any white surface so you don't need a screen.
I use a  projector for my computer, and another as a TV in our bedroom. As long as the room is slightly dimmed, I have no problems with picture quality or visibility.
If you're considering top end super clear and really expensive TVs, a projector isn't for you but, if you just want to watch a film or a soap, they're easily good enough.

Thanks for that Fred. Food for thought. I'm not very computer
savvy, and hadn't realised that one could link a projector to
a computer. There is a car electronics shop locally who,
according to the internet, sell such devices. I'll  go  and take a


Just go to any computer mall and they'll have something.
They connect via HDMI, exactly the same as a TV.

If you're happy or just projector curious, I generally recommend LG.

It has to be LED for long life, and a minimum of around 500 ANSL - Anything less will be weak and nasty. I'm using a small one at the moment - the room is lit with a strip lamp but the picture is still fine; however, it won't work properly in full daylight.

This would suit most home users, and the 1,000 lumens will look after a pretty fair picture in all but bright light. … -projector

The second, extremely sweet one, will be a lot more expensive but WOW!!!!!

If you aren't tech savvy, "100" from 3.9 inches away" means you get a 100 inch picture if the projector is 4 inches from the wall, and the 2,700 lumens means a clear picture in daylight.

Pretty much all the new stuff will work with an Android phone, that meaning you can screen mirror your phone to a 100 inch screen.
Some have smart TVs built in … t-tv-pf100

Cheaper, smaller and lighter,come long throw units (I have two here)

This was a test when I bought the first one - The wires don't have to be that messy, but it does give you an idea how small the units are.
The one in the pic is over four years old, and it's the one I'm using as a display for this computer.

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