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Hello we are italian family with a son of 4 and a very Little dog moving to Malesia in july. We are looking for condo fully furnished with facilities preferred close to main services and International School. We are looking for mont Kiara. Could you suggest if any other similar location as quality Life for expat?

MK has no train service and virtually no buses so travel will be by car (own or grab).  Because of this there is considerable road congestion in and around MK at certain times of the day

Take a look at some of the property portals to get an idea of what is available. iproperty, propertguru etc

Live close or convenient to your partners workplace as a priority

Near MK is Desa Park City which is popular with dog owners as it has its own park and lake where dogs can run free. It also has a good international school

Thank u so much.
Temasya Industrial Park, Glenmarie, Selangor, is my Company address but my collegues say no good area nearby to live as expat. I would be very glad if you could give me name of zone similar to Mk as facilities and quality. Have a nice day

What is the name of International School of desa Park city?

International school Parkcity

Damansara is the latest expat favourite location. But close to MK is Hartamas which has the  French international School nearby.

KLCC is an option to live as it has good access through the Smart Tunnel and travelling against the rush hour traffic which is an important consideration

There are several kindergartens and a couple of international schools in the KLCC area (KL City Centre)

But there are some great expat locations around the Australian School which is quite near your husband's workplace. They include Bluwater* and Gita Bayu is really lovely

The international school would be this one or there are other options

At 4-6 years of age the curriculum does not matter very much and the Australian curriculum is very good foundation

* this gives names of some walking distance housing areas.

This blog article tells about importing your pet … -malaysia/

So if i understand well firstly we select School and then living area considering also distance from workplace. Oh Will be not Easy. As i Will work too i suppose i Need house maid baby sitter too. Thanks for your suggestion. Maybe i Will contact u again :-)

You have a lot of options to look at but first step is definitely to make a shortlist of schools you can afford. After that you can choose the best  areas to live in that are convenient to the workplace.

I will be employeed in the same company of my husband. i am chemical engineer and have considered to start the work at middle of october to assist for 2 months my baby integration into new school. Then baby sitter will care of him. So i will try to visit some schools in june and then select condo area.


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OK so you will start with a Dependent Pass and the company will later apply for an Employment Pass (cancelling the DP if successful)

Or do you already have your Employment Pass approved?

Just be aware that a company can't really promise to employ you without immigration approval. That means a competitive selection process has to take place and no Malaysians were qualified and experienced enough for the job.

I dont know the process will be followed by company. I know just they will require to immigration office permit for me and my husband, Company has already did this process for other italian engineers in the past.

So your husband does not have an approved employment pass yet.

So you may not be coming to Malaysia

Company explained that they will send requirement to immigration office and in max 2 months it is possible to have work permit. In the meantime me and my husband continue with italian contract that we have and we will work in malesyan office. When we will receive work permit after around 2 months a local contract can be signed. With initial tourist visa and letter of future emplyoment by company, they say that we are able to rent a apartment and register our son to school. We hope it is like this.

That is totally illegal.

You must have work permit approval before starting to work in Malaysia. You also need an employment pass to register for an income tax number. So the way you write you will be breaking immigration and taxation laws.

It's not possible to work on a tourist visa. You can't enrol your child in an international school either on a tourist visa. A letter from the company will not make any difference

If immigration see you have been working without an EP they may not approve the application and even blacklist you both from working in Malaysia for 5 years.

You also cannot be in Malaysia when the EP is requested from immigration

i will get more info about with my company. maybe i wrote wrong. Not tourist visa but business visa. Currently we often come to malesyan office to work for 2-3 weeks under italian contract and fixed term business visa. i suppose we can continue to make like this until we have not work permit. But thank you so much for your info so that i better clarify this situation with my company.

The application for the EP has to be made while you are outside Malaysia and they look in your passport to verify this or they reject the application

Just ask the company to apply now while you are in Italy to ensure you get approval to work in Malaysia before you arrive

You could end up with financial issues if you rent accommodation for a year but cannot work in Malaysia. Depending on the lease you can be responsible for the payment of monthly rent for the whole length of the lease

There is no guarantee your EPs will be approved. Foreigners are being turned away now

ok i will ask all details. maybe i have not understood very well...we are still negotiating our contract in malesya and related benefit to the fact that we have to handle international transfer. i will update you. than you so much again.

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