Scheduled an interview for permanent residence visa for Norway

Hello members, got married to a Norwegian last month and we submitted documents for my visa 2 weeks ago, I've been scheduled for an interview next week and am wondering what I'll be asked and how long I should wait after interview to join my husband

You are applying for permanent residence or family unification.

Family reunion

Waiting time is based on case to case basis.  It depends on where you come from and whether UDI believe there are complications to the case.  It is difficult to advise you.  You should try to ask the interviewer who is going to interview  you.

For example, I was married to a norwegian and applied for family unification later on but I did not have interview at all.  It only took me 3 months to get my visa.

But I do know of people who waited for nearly a year for family unification visa.

i would like to ask for family reunification visa,  what category is that in the udi website.? i plan to apply soon also but am a bit confused,  i only see family immigration with spouse,  pls give me details.. thank you and Godbless

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