Belgium Visa - VFS India Appointment booking

Hi all,

I have been having a tiring time now trying to book an appointment with VFS since 3 days now!
They are having some issues with their website and I cannot get hold of them on their customer service number ! :sosad:

Plus I called this value added service number where we were also ready to pay 5000 rupees to get the premium lounge.. however they say the value added service is not available for long stay visas   :o  :/  annoying!

Any idea on how I can get hold of these people?
I have also emailed them saying we are facing issues with the website with screenshot and all of that ....  I have to wait for 2 days for their reponse ... ain’t have that time ...  :huh:

Hi all,

Update: I have managed to get hold of them on this number ‭+91 22-67866036‬, after multiple trials....
so I had to first email my issue to this email I’d: mailto:infowest.belin[at] with screen shots of the error and info of application like application number and preferred date of appointment.

Called the customer care again and asked them to book online and they said that they would email me the booking and date of appointment by eod today ...

Will let you’ll know when I have the appointment email !


Hi, I got an email from the team and had the appointment booked finally!

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