Job search for expat woman

Hello all! My husband got a job offer to work in Duqm in a project (approximately for 3 years). I'm studying the posibility to move also to Oman and I have been doing some research about my possibilities of finding a job in Muscat. I'm currently working at an american cosultancy company as a legal counsel and I would appreciate if you could enlight me about my own odds on finding a job in Oman.

Many thanks!

As of now, In Duqm there is no proper accommodation available other than Hotels (Crowne Plaza and few other).  The situation in Dqum will change in 2 to 3 years.

I am not sure you current based in Muscat and you are looking for a job in Duqm or Muscat? 

There are more employment opportunities coming in near future at Duqm.

I would like to know your nationality as well.  European and American would have to face some challenges due to less facilities available in Duqm as per their standards.

Hi! My husband will be based in Duqm but our idea is that I live in Muscat since I belive there could be a better chance for me of finding a qualified job. I have a double citizenship, spanish and venezuelan.
However we are still evaluating the offer, because it might depend on the possibility for me of finding a job in Muscat. Is it likely? Thanks a lot

If its a good opportunity, please go ahead with the Duqm offer.  Your husband can come to Muscat weekly by Flight.

Please consider the flight cost to and fro to Duqm, your living/stay expenditure in Muscat etc and check weather its a good offer.

I am sure you will land in a right job at Muscat.

Currently there is only one Oman air flight to Duqm and back and likely have a change to add one more  flights to Duqm.

Please feel free to contact, if you need any further information about Duqm or Muscat.

Do you have Kids?

Thank you for your answer! No, I don't have any kids. My only concern is the viability of finding a job in Muscat in my jobfield as a foreigner and as fast as possible.

The truth is that there is a  challenge to get a visa especially for Women  and also get a good remuneration is also a concern.

Good city to live if we have the remuneration as per international standards.  :)

I asked about kids because the International schools are coming up in Duqm.  British school is already there I think.

Nice to see both of you in Oman.

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