Reported an illegal recruiter

Hi. I just want to ask, last September a company from August offered me work.  The owner told me that while applying for the pass he needed me to go to Singapore. He said he will just expedite the contract and the pass when I go there. To make the long story short, I went to Singapore as per his advise. He let me try to work in Sg for two weeks. While working, I kept on asking about my pass and my contract. When I felt that it is not going somewhere, i have decided to report him to MOM. Then I went back to my country after 26 days. Right now, I will be coming back to Sg as a tourist with my friends. Will I have a problem with the immigration then? Thanks for your utmost reply.

By the way I already have a high paying and decent job at my country and I dont have any intention to go back to Singapore for work.

I think this was a very good and commendable deed!
How was MoM's reaction? What did they tell you?
You worked illegally, of course. But you were misled and you did report the problem when you realized it, which hopefully redeems you in the eyes of MoM.
If you want to be certain, contact MoM and ask!

Thank you  for your reply on my concern .May I ask how to contact them is it via email? I am already at my country and Im planning to go to SG this May.

The contact details are on their webpage.

As you are coming here under tourist visa, then better seek from ICA that if you can travel Singapore for few days, and you have your accommodation with contact information and return ticket in hand. If ICA clears it, then print out that copy and bring with you. Good luck

As Beppi said, you did a nice job to make those criminal employers punished.

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