Does expatriate protected by Cambodia labor law?

Notice that my salary was underpaid by company, and there is no payslip being provide to all the expatriate. Is there any law/union that do protect expatriate labor in Cambodia?


It seems the protections are only for Khmers, only here foreigners are mentioned:

4.   Foreign Employees

Regarding foreign employees, the 1997 Labor Law sets out the following regulations.

No foreigner can work unless he possesses a work permit and an employment card issued by the Ministry in charge of Labor. These foreigners must also meet the following conditions:

a.    Employers must beforehand have a legal work permit to work in the Kingdom of Cambodia;

b.   These foreigners must have legally entered the Kingdom of Cambodia;

c.    These foreigners must possess a valid passport;

d.   These foreigners must possess a valid residency permit;

e.    These foreigners must be fit for their job and have no contagious diseases. These conditions must be determined by a Prakas (Ministerial Order) from the Ministry of Health with the approval of the Ministry in charge of Labor.

The work permit is valid for one year and may be extended as long as the validity of extension does not exceed the fixed period in the residency permit of the person in question (Article 261). The Ministry in charge of Labor shall issue a Prakas (Ministerial Order) for the issuance of work permits and employment cards to foreign workers (Article 262).

How can you obtain a residency permit, it seems you need this before you can work.


You need an EB (business) extension of stay, which needs a letter of the employer.
You also need a work permit, which can be applied for online.

That's all.



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