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Hi all,
Does anybody have any opinions on good health insurance companies for expats in Singapore.
I am European in my early 50's. I just need cover for myself.
I would like to see what other options are available besides Cigna
Thank you

There exists no European-style comprehensive and unconditional health insurance coverage in Singapore. And you are not required to have any insurance. So you need to think about what you really need and want - and how much you are willing to pay for it.
Many Singapore employers provide some health coverage (of greatly varying quality, so read the fineprint!) as part of the employment package. Similar packages (usually covering only hospitalization, surgery and emergencies) are available from local companies, e.g. NTUC Income. The majority of people in Singapore have no more than this.
If you are contributing to CPF (in case you are PR), some additional coverage at subsidized rates can be bought with that.
On the other side of the market are international expat insurers, who will cover a lot more (incl. first class hospitalization and rescue flights home, among other perks) at so much higher premiums that this is a very profitable market - thus their insurance brokers will woo you as soon as you show interest.
Another alternative is expanding your home country insurance for international coverage, which is often possible for temporary stints abroad.

Thanks Beppe,
My employer does provide insurance, but only a limited amount. After two or three visits a year for consultations, x-rays, scans etc, my allowance is used up.
I'm looking for extra. Cigna is fine, but I want options so at least I have a choice.
I can easily research of course, but reviews and referrals on a forum like this can be good to have.
Again, thanks for your response.

Pardon me Beppi.. (not Beppe)

If you need personal insurance coverage, I know personally one agent from Prudential Assurances. You can send private message to me, I will share his contact information. He can provide you all the information, if you found any of their plan interesting then only consider.

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