Shipping Container to Morocco from the US

Does anyone have experience with sending shipping containers to Morocco?  Have you had good or bad experiences?  Cost?

I shipped over 80 boxes packed and small furniture. Worked with one company out of New Jersey for 6 months, They went bankrupt and it took the Maritime Division in WA. DC to find my belongings. I had paid in full and lost $3500.00. Had to find another shipper. Found one in so. California and they took care of getting my belongings stored in a warehouse and shipped it all to Casablanca where they handled customs and delivered to my door. I of course had to travel from Rabat to Casablanca and meet with customs also. Another $3800.00 and I finally had my personal effects. I can only advise caution. Be careful who you hire.

thank you for sharing your experience.  Was your container the 20 ft or 40 ft container size?


Do you happen to remember the name of the one in S. California?

I will look it up for you. Okok. Here it is

ETC International Freight Systems

Nicolas Sanders was my contact.

Then  Swift Cargo Maroc, in Casablanca Handled the custom and Inspection and delivering to my door.

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