Asia Commericial Bank (ACB) Questions

I just opened a USD account with a starter $20 deposit at ACB today.  Before I experiment with it, can any of you kindly help with the following questions?

1)  If I do an international wire transfer of let's say US$1,000 from my USA-based USD account (eg. charles schwab bank) into my ACB USD account, how much do I expect to be dinged by fees (especially intermediary fees)?  Also what correspondent bank should I specify for the transfer as ACB seems to require a correspondent bank for the transfer?

2)  I found that the ACB USD account does not allow me to do an online USD transfer to a third party USD account (of my landlord) also in ACB.  Is it an ACB-specific or nation-wide restriction?  I would like to be able to pay rent to my Vietnamese landlord in USD when I travel outside of Vietnam.

3)  I am on a 1 year Vietnam tourist visa (for US citizens).  I was denied my application for an ACB prepaid visa card and was told I would need a Vietnam visa with validity > 12 months.  I would like to be able to add prepaid credit to ride sharing apps (BE is my recent favorite), and the NAPAS network insists on a domestic charge card.  How do you guys go about adding prepaid credit?

Thanks in advance for help.

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