Business Analyst in Munich

hello Expats.  how is it going?
I am working as business analyst/data analyst in Milan.
Since Italy is not going well, or it just does not work well for me, i have decided to move to Munich.
company i work for is specialized at  field marketing.  There are a lot of cool staff that i do  but so fare i have practiced excel and Qlik.
This is my second internship as business analyst and i am managing 3 projects. 
I am 29 (almost 30), I hold MSC of Business Management, i speak fluent English, Italian and Russian.

If you are familiar with the job market of data analysts, do you think that i can get a full time contract? (not internship)

I know that it is important to know script languages and i am going to learn it but, so fare, this is the reality.

Thx for advance. cheers.

Obviously, English, Italian and Russian will not help you much in Germany.
How good is your German? This is the most important factor in finding a job.
Of course there are also many others, but from your brief post alone it is impossible to tell how you fare in these.
You may want to read existing discussions on this forum containing lots of good advice about how to search for a job in Germany.
Good luck!

German language is an issue. i  have no knowledge of it :(
obviously it would be better to know, but as i was doing research, there are many cases when only English is ok. 
to be honest, i was more afraid about not knowing script languages (SQL, java, )
Thx for the answer :)

Well, you might be in a niche where no cooperation with customers, suppliers, partners or colleagues is necessary - then no German is required (but the job might be in danger of outsourcing to cheaper destinations). In all other cases your application will be out as soon as a similarly skilled German speaker applies.

yeap... true

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