Urgent Help required on Duration is Stay clause in Schengen VISA

I have a query.
Might be you know and can help me.

My parents are visiting me in Brussels from India.

The duration of Visa is from 15th May till 29th June and duration of stay is 30 days.

By mistake long back we did booking from 17th May to 17th June, and we missed the duration of stay clause of 30 days.

Now we checked to reschedule the flight but as we booked non refundable flight , it is not getting changed easily and the option for change is to re book on new booking. This option is costing a lot.

I have a query , can somehow my parents gets 2 days extension in duration of stay. The insurance is valid. If yes, what is the process.
They are traveling on 17 May

Could you please help.

15th May --> 29th June = 45 days. You say that the duration of their stay is 30 days?
I don't get it... maybe you did write something by mistake here.

17th May to 17th June is 31 days.

Anyway, if they already have receive their visa, you can book anything in the range "from" and "to" set on their visa.
Don't make them overstay no matter what or they'll be blacklisted! (and no, you won't get extension without doing a new visa with new dates, and cancel the current one)

You should talk with the embassy, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell you the same (if they already receive their visa).

If they didn't receive their visa yet, don't do anything right now. Just be prepared to cancel the current flight/modify.


Yes the Visa validity is 45 days from 15th May till 29th June and besides that duration is mentioned 30 days(This is duration of stay in Schengen area).

But by mistake we booked wrong itinerary , duration of stay in Schengen area of 32 days.

I need to get 2 days extension in duration of stay.
We are well within Visa validity.

Ok I get it, they can travel from the 15th May until the 29th June but with a maximum duration of 30 days.

So, yes, you absolutely have to change either the departure date or the return one. (don't change both, it will cost you a lot if you do...)
Immigration will write on their passport that they can stay until 30 days after their first entry in the Schengen Area

You will not get 2 days extension without doing a new visa (and probably by canceling the current one). Contact the Embassy, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell you the same.

By the way, the Embassy should have checked it when they deliver the visa and when your parents have showed their flight tickets......................................

Just thinking out loud, through it's obvious... but make sure you give the NEW flight tickets to your parents BEFORE they physically arrive in front of the Immigration.

If they show a 32 days trip when their visas only allow 30 days, they'll be denied and forced to go back in India unless they show new flight tickets! Oh well... you want to avoid that... badly...

So make sure you provide them with the new version to avoid any troubles!
Make sure it's 30 days!!! not 31 days!!! (they must go through the immigration at Zaventem/another international airport before 23h59:59 on the 30th day!!!)

Thanks all, I changed the flight itinerary from 17 June to 13 June

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