Issuing of EP to fresh graduate from India

First of all thanks a lot to you people here. Reading the posts in this forum helped me clear a lot of queries.
I am a student in India doing a bachelors and masters combined degree. I am considering applying to Singapore for a job. I wanted to know is my not having any work experience and being a fresh graduate reduce the chances of my EP approval. There is a company I interviewed for and they seem positive. However, they said they are new to the visa process and asked me to do some homework regarding the application. I read the guidelines on the MOM website and conveyed it to them. However, I have some questions regarding the practicality of approval for my case.

1.  Being a fresh graduate, how likely is my approval considering we meet the other criteria like salary, health insurance, medical approvals, etc? Since some of the other posts said they are looking for people with experience.
2. (This question is especially for people from India but others are welcome to share their experiences) Is there any way I can improve the chances by hiring agencies in India specializing in immigration or would that not be necessary? Have you had any positive or negative experiences with them?
3. How likely is it for one to get their EP in an appeal process (in case it gets rejected due to any reasons)?

Thanks a lot in advance

Chances to get EP without any experience and that also you are not studying in Singapore would reduce the chance drastically, unless you are passing out from IIT or IIM then chances are slightly higher.

The employer has to justify why they want to hire a foreigner who has no experience and secondly to have strong rationale in place to proof that locally they could not find a candidate who does have similar skills. Good luck

Hi Surya,
Thanks for the immediate reply.
Would it be advisable then to go for the Training work permit? The work is kind of niche that way.


1. Singapore grants work visa only to people that the country would benefit from. Unless he/she has special niche skills or some other very unique advantage, a fresh graduate will not fall into this category.
2. There is nothing agencies can do that your employer cannot do better - except charging you for the "service" ...
3. An appeal can only be successful if it addresses (i.e. removes) the reason for rejection.

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