Needing some insights on my EP application

Hi all,

I've been reading through the threads on this forum and would like to ask a few questions regarding my specific case. I recently got an offer as a machine learning engineer in Singapore, the HR applied EP (my first one) for me around 12 days back. I know it's a little too early but there are a few things I would like to be sure of:

1. I hold two bachelor's degrees, one from a university in China and the other from a university in the UK. Both universities are on MOM's list and highly recognized globally. I enrolled in a joint undergraduate program between the two universities, so I did 2 years in China and another 2 in the UK, at the end of the program I obtained two degrees - from two universities respectively. My only concern is that in the EP application form, the duration of my first education was put as two years, where technically it's a four-year program as stated in my degree certificate - will MOM consider this as inconsistency?

2. I've been working in AI and only in one company in China since I graduated 3 years ago, and currently I'm a senior AI engineer. I read in some threads that MOM is likely to reject an EP application if they think the salary takes on a suspicions jump. As I would be relocating to Singapore , where the average monthly salary is higher than in China, my salary would also increase a lot. Would this be a problem?

3. I know that MOM is going to try to verify my past employment, as I haven't resigned from my current company (in China) yet. I'm wondering how they are going to do that with my current employer? I wouldn't love to see them knowing I'm resigning before my EP gets approved. :P

My apologies for all the questions and any input is much appreciated!


1. Technically, it was a single engineering graduate course of 4 years. In your declaration you should mention ONCE (but in note, define first 2 years you did in original university and last 2yrs at a foreign university which it has a collaboration with the original university).
2. If salary is in line with current market standard in Singapore then should be fine.
3. Whether you have resigned or not, if you have mentioned the name of the current employer then MoM can ask third party vendor who does verification check, will do the authenticity of your declaration.

Good luck

Hi surya2k,

Thanks for the swift response! Actually I have the degree certificates from both universities. I think my employer submitted them both and both of them should check out too.

Following your suggestion, as my application was already submitted, should I ask my employer to write MoM to clarify that I was in a joint program between the two universities? Not too sure on how it works here as I didn't see any declaration section in the EP application form :)

My EP got approved just now, took a little less than two weeks :)

Congrats, good to hear. Lots of positive responses from MoM are coming in in recent days. It confirms again and again that if you have niche skills in the market then Singapore welcomes you.

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