Final Exit Visa to family

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I am planning to apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa first with my employer to go to my country during Ramdaan vacation , however If I get new oppurtunity then I will move my family also , however I do not want to take exit-re-entry to my family now , wait for 2 weeks after that based on my new oppurtunity issue final exit , however I will go and come back to serve notice period.

Please let me know whether I can apply for Exit - Re-Entry Visa first and after 2 weeks I can issue final exit visa to my family from my absher account ?

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First of all, i would advise you to go through the threads in the Information on visas in Riyadh section, it might help you with your query.

I invite you to have a look at the Saudi Arabia guide as well, it might also be helpful.


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