Applying EP SP again after first rejection that was 1.2 years back

Hi All,

I'm Nepalese. Have Master in engineering degree from good univ in India, along with bachelor of engg. from Nepal. I have around 5 to 6 yrs of relevant software engineer experience. last year EP App with SGD 4k was rejected saying - "candidate not eligible to appy for work pass". They didn't gave clarification in call but HR thinks might me because I'm citizen of Nepal.

i then work remotely for 1 year 2 month for SG same company as consultant. Now they are applying pass EP+SP with 5.5k with senior software engineer (backend) role and ready to appeal in case. I have always been a good citizen anywhere, and also have US business/tourist visa. I been in US for 2+ months in 2017 for my prior company which is one of largest MNC in its domain. Recently I've been in-out of singapore legally 3 times for short business or team meetings (usually 2 day to 7 day at a time). This is as a consultant since last year for same company.

what are my chances this time? what are the main things I should take care of in application or appeal? I've niche software experience.

Thanks so much in advance,

Nobody can give you potential outcome of your application as we don’t have access at MoM. But, you can read my open thread talks about potential reason for rejection, it will give you an idea how the selection process does. Good luck

Thank you Surya for replying me so quickly.

I have 6 year 2 months of experience, out of which only 5+ years is relevant.
Here is 1 year of irrelevant experience.
1) 4 months internship in my last semester during bachelor of engg.
2) 8 months job in local engineering college as asst. lecturer for computer science to 2/3 year student.

Is it mandatory to show these 2 experience in my EP application? I had lower salary as it was first job in my country. After this I have very professional 4.5 years of experience in single MNC company.

My only concern is that I have put these 2 experiences already in previous EP application that was 1.2 years back. Another concern is, can it appear as 8 months gap if I don't provide it which in turn is negative ?

Can you kindly advise what is best for me to do ?

Did you already check your eligibility in the SAT tool (on MoM's website)?
That gives you a much better evaluation than any of us can do here.

Thank you for input. I have checked. It says you are eligible for both EP and SP. It does not ask for experience details.

1) My concern is regarding the experience details which I asked in the previous comment. Since singapore has very high salary, my salary history from Nepal appears low when converted to SGD. Can I remove those experience from while submitting application?

2) Also, what exactly does "Last Drawn Salary" means in the form? Does it means total earned over year divide by 12. Or salary earned without tax deduction Or take home salary i.e. tax deducted at source ?

1. It is always better to be honest in an application form. If you submit incomplete information now and the complete (or a differently incomplete) one in a future application, it will be rejected for conflicting data.
2. The last drawn salary matters only for Singapore jobs. Don't worry about it too much!

I checked in MoM website, Just got rejected yesterday after 2 weeks of application. HR not approached, so don't know the reason yet. But I think it might be same like 1 yr 2 months back -"candidate not eligible to apply work pass... "

We will definitely appeal. I have been working with them remotely, also with lots of company knowledge and technical skills. One day ago, I got valuable certification. With all this in place, how should the appeal be with increased salary as I have 6 yrs already? Can it be solely because of my nationality? I have got business visa in US 2 year back. There was no issue.

You need to check what was the reason of rejection. If it’s the same as earlier case “Candidate is not eligible to work here.”

Then better try other countries as possibly there could be some reservation on your candidacy.

If the reason is something else then work on it to rectify and appeal. Good luck

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