When you buy something new, will there be a warranty?

Just got a Vietnamese friend to buy a power supply for my Thinkpad. An hour later, it failed.
Seems that "cheap" can be very expensive!

Q: The EU mandates a certain warranty. Yeah,I know - but a month? Do people get that? Or need they shop at certain shops to get a warranty?

Some universal power supply brand which lasts a bit longer, can you recommend one?

While it says "Lenovo", I suspect that's just some fake product.

Fake goods - it's unlikely you'll get any joy.
For the future, buy direct from the dealer's service dept.

You can always go same shop to complain

The only warranty I am aware of is, "Thanks for the money, sucker. Now beat it!" 

I send my Vietnamese wife and, after an hour of listening to her, they are happy to refund our money : - )

Reminds me of a guy who bought a Nokia phone from a shop in D1, he was assured it wasn't fake. Two weeks later he returned the phone to the shop and was informed by another seller that it was a Chinese copy. He produced a receipt showing what he paid for it, the price matched the price of an original Nokia.The shop had to refund him.

Warranties are certainly available when buying from shops such as Thế Giới Di Động, which specialize in electronic devices and accessories and are fairly ubiquitous nationwide. The goods are genuine and the service is usually good. Their main drawback seems to be limited selection and range, as each branch is rather small.

Phong Vu is another one.

Larger cities have department stores that sell household appliances, both from VN and abroad, when you need a fan, rice cooker, kettle, etc.

The supermarkets usually have these kinds of things upstairs as well.

Like johnross23, my experience is that the major electronics stores will honor warranties.  The only problem is that unlike in the west, they feel the need to examine and attempt to fix the appliance first rather than make an immediate  refund or even a direct exchange.  As a result, you will need to leave the item with them for what might be a few weeks before they either fix it or give up.

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