Exiting bahrain

Hello greetings to all group members
    I am still on probation period and I have to go back my country for some purpose. I am here on local leave for 10days. My question is , "Will I be able to go and come back during these 10days ?" Without informing my company . Or Do I need any exit permit ? I have my passport and CPR with me

If your residence visa has been stamped in your passport, then you do not need anything.  But ethically speaking, you need to tell your company.  If you leave without telling them and remain absent, they would be justified in filing a runaway case against you.  This would mean that you would be banned from Bahrain for good.

If you exit the country the details are updated on LMRA expat management system. Your company will be able to view the data online as the last date of exit and entry is updated.

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