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Hello my name is Dammy. im from Nigeria
Pls do i have to cancel my work visa in oman before i can work  in uae. i have completed one year and intend to go on vacation and not return. Can i just proceed to UAE and have a new work visa there from another employer.pls advice me. By the way my present employer transfered me from uae to oman.

Hi Popayo,

Such hop, skip and jump between the GCC countries and between jobs / sponsors is strictly forbidden.

If you wish to leave Oman for good to take up employment elsewhere in the GCC, you must necessarily get your employment visa cancelled before exiting.

Else, you are taking a huge risk with a lot of scope for numerous possible problems for you later on.

If you would scan the forum, you will see what these possible problems could be, and more.

Thank you for the heads up but then do i necessarily need to get a NOC from the old employer?

Hi Popayo,

No NOC means no return to Oman for 2 years, from the date of departure.

Before asking the very same questions which have been asked by many others innumerable times before, and queries which have been answered at great length, I would kindly urge you to read through the various informative posts that are already published in the forum.

You will find answers to all your queries there.

Hello my name is ayo. I’m Nigerian. I have requested a visa cancellation from my boss and he accepted after paying the necessary amount. Now it has been a week since the processing. Each time they tell me the system to cancel is not working. Please is there any other way about this

Hi Popayo,

Firstly, there is no such 'necessary amount' for visa cancellation to be paid by the expatriate.

For an employment visa to be cancelled, the company PRO / sponsor of the person must accompany the exiting expatriate to the airport and finish the required paperwork, before the expatriate can depart. There is no other way.

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