Renting in Turin

I'm a student and I'm planning to go to university in Turin. I have no relatives or people I know there so I'm looking for housing on the internet. The question is how much do I trust ads on the internet ? I won't get into details but my budget is quite low (let's say 350€)
I did find a couple of small flats and penthouses that respect my budget (mainly on websites like uniplaces, trovacasa and idealista) but I'm not sure to what extent can I trust these websites? And how do I make sure that the flats look exactly like the pictures and etc..
I've had someone tell me that it's nearly impossible to find housing under 400€ in Turin.
I tried to ask some Italians or students in Turin to help out but couldn't find any..

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I am in a similar situation with you. I am planning to study at Turin for one semester (6 months). I am currently looking at the choices that I have. Are you planning to stay for much time there? If interested lets weight our choices.

Have you tried asking the university for advice? I would recommend to book a flat on Airbnb for a while to check out the apartments in person.

The budget is not low, it depends on the area though. There are some places you definitely need to avoid, send me a message if you want tips about that.

Best of luck!

Hello! I will soon move to Turin with my husband and son and we re looking for a safe place to rent. Could you tell me what places we should avoid? Is vanchiglia or Vanchigletta a safe and nice place to live? Thank you very much!

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