Found a nice 250 cc bike... … &cc=us

Alas, it has "fake papers". Since my "HONDA" was made by DAELIM, will I alreaddy own a bike with dodgy papers? If not, do the authorities permit the issuance of Blue Cards with the  w r o n g  manufacturer?

* Penalties for owning and riding an illegally imported bike? Confiscation, fine, prosecution?

* Can such bikes be insured?

The seller told me to forget it when I asked, confessing to FAKE papers.

FAKE "La Vie" water, too? Met the FAKE dry cleaners who will destroy a suit by putting it in a normal washing machine.

Errm, can such a bike <made legal>? If so, will that be very expensive? Just asking

In Thailand, there are many illegal bikes for sale and the next cop who takes a liking will be the new owner of one of those.

We are foreigners, living in a foreign land. I can't speak for you but, personally, I like to keep everything legal.

If you get to accident police will take it away.
Fake papers can’t be made in name, unless you make new fake papers and you can buy insurance, sellers really don’t care... but will insurance pay anything is another matter

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