WTH? Bank rejecting a wire payment from overseas ("wrong a/c #")

Hi All

am experiencing a rough patch these days over here. How y'all doing?

National payments into this bank account (from my bank to theirs) have worked.
I read the account #, the recipient's name from such a payment slip. But confess
obtaining their BIC (aka 'SWIFT Code') with a Google search. That code was later altered, shortened, as recommended by the lady in India who is exclusively making such wire payments for my UK bank.

Wrong accouint #?!? Am fuming!

The one thing I cannot tolerate from a bank is a blatant LIE.

OTOH, lying seems to be preferred:

- after waiting for weeks to get the 1 hour a work-day gig paid ("we will pay on the 12th of the following month") and that payment was not made
- being pressured by some TAs into limiting the scope of an eager class to just "4 words on flash cards" and group YELLING. We aare talking 9 and 10 year olds, who may not know much, but this was outrageous.

UHU, honesty is not appreciated. I was vexed and conveyed my displeasure. (When a boss promises "I will deposit your salary tomorrow", this should be interpreted into "you might expect to wait for a few more days").

The language center manager changed course and has been using a book. Alas, yours truly won't be used  e v e r  again. ** In the real world, the boy who shouted "the emperor is naked" will get flogged and branded or throw into some dungeon without a trial. Or beheaded, if this is in Saudi Arabia. Thailand? Lese Majeste laws carry what, 15 years in the slammer?

Let's see. They have received the wire. They have their customer's name. The account # used has worked well for domestic interbank payments. And when someone enters my bank details in an app, my unusual name pops up online to eliminate any potential mistakes.

75 million, is that more than permitted??

Have you ever encountered this issue?

I’ll get Roy to look into this.....

@Op: UK bank to vietnamese bank?...which UK bank and which Vietnamese bank?...an what fee are you paying (were going to pay)  for the transfer...

I recently had a SWiFT payment rejected by sacombank ..I was using transferwise for transfer. Both occasions transferwise refunded the transfer amount immediately.

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