Tax residence status for those using e-gate

Hi guys,

So I didn't do enough research on consequences of using the e-gate....

Same as  everyone, I have to furnish proof of travel in order to acquire tax residence status. However, I didn't keep any of the print-out slip.

It is advised by LHDN to contact Immigration. Do I have to go to Putrajaya? And how is the procedure like? I believe there must be many people in the same boat as myself.

Thanks for sharing the info!

If you kept your boarding Passes in and out of the country this may help. But your employer can also attest your travel schedule*

The COR (certificate of residence) is available for each tax year January to December after 182 days in the countries … p;bt_lgv=2

*All that is required is your Passport (and photocopies) plus list of movements

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