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Hi... anyone can help me??? im a filipina i worked before in singapore hold a work permit but theres something happened to my employer until they close my work place. Since my boss case is still in process we stayed in singapore for 2years hold a special pass just renewed every month. until i get pregnant and give birth in singapore my fiance is a singaporean we're planning to get married but they said we need to appeal first we try and go to ica for that until my fiance need to fetch me to go back singapore with our baby cos its her vaccination in singapore while my fiance in phil. he didnt know that ica reply alr thats why he decided to flew back to singapore with him... then ica told me only my fiance and my baby can enter i want to know if they banned me or if i apply to marry there can enter again or else if he find me job there if the ban can lift up or not... im thinking whats the best way for my family to be whole again😭😭😭

First and foremost, if your fiancé is a Singaporean, then he should know (by right you should know) that “fiancée “ or Girlfriend or boyfriend has no meaning at ICA. It only recognise a couple if you have valid marriage certificate.

You both have to marry and provide marriage certificate then birth certificate of your child where you both are parents mentioned on certificate. Then, he can try for you LTVP, there is no guarantee that ICA will approve. But, this is the best way to go for.  If your Singaporean fiancé has good source of income then chances are higher to get LTVP. Good luck

Note: Vaccinations can be given any where, not necessarily in Singapore only.

Do not fail to get MoM´s approval before you marry!
This is required before a WP holder or ex-WP-holder marries a Singapore citizen. If you don´t, you will NEVER be allowed to live in Singapore again - even though (as I assume) your child is Singapore citizen.

I just found this additional information (from the MoM website):

Foreign workers must comply with the following:
- Not get pregnant or deliver a child in Singapore during the validity of their Work Permit unless they are already married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident with the approval of MOM. This applies even after their Work Permit is expired, cancelled or revoked.

You violated this rule. It might well be that you are banned from entering Singapore because of this. Your baby (who is Singapore citizen) is not affected.
Write to ICA to clear the matter and get their approval before trying to enter the country again!

Thank you beppi my work permit has been cancelled that time and change to spass the officer that handle our case againts to our employer said its ok to give birth if doeant create any trouble if my fiance can pay the bills i arrange all the birth cert. and passport of my child even hospital bill the only problem is we want to get married in spore to arrange also my baby papers so she will not become illegitimate and im thinking how long im banned in spore thank you for your responce

thank you for your responce... now we want to arrange all... cos now our baby still illegitimate thats why we want to settle and married cos last time i asked the officer that handle our case told me cant get married if the case still open then suddenly when we went to court she told me why i never marry first thats why i said why last time you told me cant. until we wait so long then now im banned or what i dont know if when i can come back to sg 😩😔😩😔😩

thats why i follow my fiance to go back in sg cos he said all the bills also he pay cos i said to him we appeal still we didnt recieve any reply cos he follow me also in philippines so he didnt know also then he decided to go back in sg with me and the baby cos he said its every month vaccination of the baby in sg maybe its ok even few days just to follow the vaccine of the baby... then when we arrived in sg they sent me back to philippines... can i ask if this will affect my ban or if we appeal again is there any chances so we can get married and start our family as whole again im pity to my baby growing up if his father far away thank you

I assume English is not your mother tongue, but your messages are barely understandable - and do not contain the full information. We cannot advise you correctly like that, sorry!
I recommend you, or your boyfriend, seek advise from ICA or consult a lawyer who is experienced in such matters.

One note from me personally, though: The child may be born out of wedlock, but this makes little difference nowadays if the parents cooperate. I don‘t like the word illegitimate for this, because it sounds like something is wrong with the child - which is simply not true!

Sorry beppi but thanks for the understanding i just read some articles that if the mother and father of the child is not yet married the baby still illegitimate but me and my fiance make sumpa at ica and phil. embassy... hope can come back soon and arrange all the papers... i miss and i love singapore unfortunately im in a wrong situation when this thing happened i love my family and my fiance singapore become my 2nd country i miss everything hope we become whole again

ROM will not let both of you get married in Singapore if MOM didn't approve your application. ICA will not take your overseas marriage certificate even if you guys were to get married elsewhere (so don't even try or things might get worse). Anyone holding a work permit or used to hold one will need to apply for marriage approval if you want to marry a Singaporean.

oh... i see we need m.o.m approval first hope can settle this all... im pity to my baby we want to have a whole family but its seems hard for us... hope everythings gonna be fine soon Thank you for the reply and info

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