Private Health Insurance - Pay month to month?

We are in the process of finding private health insurance so we can apply for visas.  We will be moving to Barcelona this summer.  Are there any private health insurance companies in Spain that would allow us to pay on a month to month basis?  The few I have spoken to are asking for the entire year to be paid up front.

We are with Adeslas, whom we pay quarterly.  It's worth checking whether they also accept monthly premiums.

You're likely to have to pay a small supplement for paying in instalments, but you should find that, in general, private healthcare in Spain is less costly than in many other countries.

Good luck.

If you have a spanish bank account, then many will allow monthly, quarterly or annual.  keep in mind they all have annual contracts, so paying monthly is just for payments.  We have DKV and pay quarterly, but did have the option to pay monthly if we wanted.

My wife has had cover with  Sanitas for 13 years.  We pay every quarter.  I cannot remember if we had any choice on that

However I have heard that when one is applying for permission to reside in Spain the police at the Extranjeria require a policy which shows the premium has been paid for  the year.  The reason being that it would be too easy for a person to pay for just a month, register on the EU Citizens Register or obtain residencia, as appropriate,  and then cancel the cover

NB. Of course the cover required is 100% with no co-payments and no exclusions

Is there a comparison table for the different healthcare providers in Spain so you can see what best suits your needs and cost ?

Just to confirm what John has said regarding being covered for a year before applying for a Certificate of Residency,
This is very true of applying in Gran Canaria, under no circumstances would the authorities accept any monthly etc payments even if it was through a bank .
I believe it can be easier on mainland Spain ,

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