Career Opportunity In Digital Marketing

Hello All,

I would like to know how the Market in Digital Marketing is in Malaysia or Singapore. What certifications or skills are in demand for Digital Martketing? Also furure of DM if someone wants to make career in this field.

Any useful inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Dipali,

Malaysia is a developing country. In terms of digital marketing, there are huge room of growth as the country moves toward digitization. Matter of fact is that even the government are encouraging companies to go digital with industry 4.0 as one of the key economic agenda.

What that in place, you can see that the opportunity in digital marketing are still tremendous. More and more companies are starting to realize the important of digital marketing to the bottomline of their companies.

In terms of skill, Google SEM, SEO, Facebook and website CRO are the critical skills that would differentiate yourself from others. Better still if there is foundation in split testing, optimisation and scaling.

In Malaysia, there is a lack of digital marketeers who knows the inside out, up and down, or to put it simple, a holistic digital marketing execution. If you have that, companies who fight to get you onboard.

That being said, if you still have interest in this, you can check out our website to understand what's it like for one type of traffic in digital marketing namely SEO through this page

If you are interested to join us, check out our career page. Looking forward to seeing another amazing person joining digital marketing world.

Local job. My ex worked in that area, it is a very Chinese Malaysian job. Some expats run companies (old timers who no the bribe game) but generally hard to break into. The local market is very "Malaysian" and I never met an expat except for a French Chinese expat fluent in Mandarin, with lots of Chinese contacts.

Working as a digital nomad is different of course.

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