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Hi all, does anybody have experience with customs import into Cambodia, I will be looking for an agent to clear duty tax etc, a company to deal with the paperwork and correct procedures, thanks, Regards Dave

Hi Dave,

I'm going off memory here with my response...

I seem to recall that Joe Khmer wrote a response to importing household goods into Cambodia and it was not financially viable.

1) I think there's a 43% tax (levy) imposed on the original value of the goods being brought in (even if they are used /old).  So there was no benefit in bringing items from your own country into Cambodia because you'd be paying a fortune in taxes for something that was not new.  It would work out cheaper to sell your items in your home country and buy new in Cambodia.

2) Now the details above may be not relevant if you are talking about opening a company in Cambodia which would be involved in importing products from another country into Cambodia.

Let me know which one of the above you need an answer for.


Hi, Ulric, big thanks for your reply, basically it would be minivans and probably cars, I've been advised cars are 145% import duty as for minivans 12 to 15 seats I have no idea, I'm in the UK right now but will be in Cambodia at some point and would open a business I need to do everything above board, I have sorted out purchase of vehicles and the shipping to Cambodia but would require a company to clear Cambodian customs, I need to know costs then I can evaluate total costs and only then would I know whether business is viable or not., I did contact via email a Cambodian import agent but as yet had no reply, cheers and thanks, Dave.

HI, Ulric, Japan into Cambodia, cheers, Dave.

Hi Dev,
Did you already find the company?

Hi, Kimanley, thanks for your reply, no I have not as yet found a customs import agent if that's what you're referring to.

HI Dev,
I have one friend that have this kind of company. I am sure he can help you.
Here is his email : *** and here is his website : ***
You can write him anytime.
He is very professional.

Kim An

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