I did hear they are the next two dates my agency footprints don’t really know too much

There is an October 6th mobilization date too....you might be considered for that one. Stay patient!

Hi guys
So finally after 5 months of waiting since my initial contract (1March 2019) I got my final contract (11 September 2019) Now I’m waiting for visa and ticket. My agency advised me to say 21 September 2019 as my mobilization date. Has anyone received tickets and visa for this date

Congratulations. So happy for you. All the best

great news .... Congrats and welcome !    Kalyan



I have a few questions about the MOE UAE Graduate Training job as follows:

1. What GPA do you need to have in order to qualify once they ask for your transcript?
2. What city is training held in and for how long?
3. What is the training length and programme/itinerary like?
4. Do you move around during the two year training course a lot? or is there a set structure?



Has anyone received tickets for 28 September

No I haven’t

Yeah. My friend got her ticket for 28th. She was supposed to join on 15th but got delayed.

Hi There,

Have you reached and completed your induction with MOE?

Please Reply

I have received my final travel date as the 12th of this month... Is there anyone in the same club?

Also please respond if you have already migrated there.

my WhatsApp contact is "***"

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Have you received your Visa and ticket?


Hey have anyone else heard anything yet ?

I got my final contract on 10th Oct. Then I got my visa and ticket yesterday. Ready to fly this Saturday.

Hey! :)

I am just confused about the salary, so the first year you get 16k then next 18k then after the licence 21 k?


Hollie110011 :

Hey! :)

I am just confused about the salary, so the first year you get 16k then next 18k then after the licence 21 k?


Nothing like that.
16k is fixed as long as you work for them.
Don't expect any increment too.

This is concerning.
My friends in the UK last year who did this program signed this contract with this salary scheme.

Hello all

Did anyone know how much you get paid or did not get paid in TTP for 2 months? As we have to take TTP before full employment. And anyone got TTP undertaking form?

Ask your agency they 'll guide you better.

Hi guys, anyone can help in the ttp program? I will start it soon and dont have any clue what is it? Are you automatically employed after it or there is an assessment? Do you start working directly or there might be a span?
Please any details will be helpful

If you are in ttp, then there will be training first, no work. You must pass the assessment towards the end of training to progress to the work. It s like a qualifying round.

Thank you but there is no offer letter before starting?

Good morning guys

I was interviewed in August 2019 in Sharjah for MOE TTP business teacher. I applied  through MOE website. Got the initial offer in September , signed and send it back.
Got the initial offer back again in November 2019 to sign and send back again with required documents.

There hasnt been any reply from them since then. Its been like more than 2 months. Any idea when the final contract comes through ? In my MOE Jobs page it shows verifying profile and documents even now.

Chase your agency

Got an update. They mailed me today asking for updated IELTS Certificate. Have to write the exam again as my previous scores have expired.
Anyone here got any updates ?

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