S pass to E pass possible?

Basically i am from India, working here on S Pass as customer sales executive.
my concern is will it be possible for me to get E pass as my current salary is $2800 + commission, total about $4800.

1) Now company is willing to give me EP with 6K+ salary but what are the chances of approval as salary difference is very high since basic fix is $2800?

2) is it possible to get s pass renewal with higher salary?

please note that my s pass is going to finish in June.

Self Assessment tool shows that i am eligible for EP now.

pls kindly guide me as company ask me to check as well for possibilities.

Looking at your message, it seems neither you Nor your employer even know basic eligibility criteria at MoM.

In MoM website, it says your fixed monthly gross salary, not your sales commission to be included which varies every month. In SAT, if you include your salary written on your offer letter which is $2800 then you are eligible only for S pass.

Ask your employer to provide the revised salary on the annual performance review where they must have to mention that your fixed gross salary is $6k in order for you to eligible applying EP. Beware that MoM will reject due to present salary mismatch. So, your application should have a rationale with salary slips to prove that you were receiving salary with commissions more than $4800 on each month (not $2800).

I would suggest start reading our open threads and MoM requirements then guide your employer who has lack of basic information at MoM. Good luck

Note: Yes, your employer can do renewal your S pass with higher salary but should have valid rationale to justify the such huge hike.

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