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Dear All,
Good morning.
I am 40 years old living in London and looking to move back to Mauritius with my wife and 2 kids. I would like to open a Pharmacy in Mauritius as my wife works as a Pharmacy Manager in London. Therefore, I would like to get more info about opening a pharmacy or buying one which is already set up.
Can you kindly check and let me know please?
Also, I will need a Pharmacist, is it easy to employ one?

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Hi there,

Are you a Mauritian citizen?

Because I don't think owning or operating a pharmacy is a trade that is open to foreigners. There are some restrictions regarding the fields of business that expats can undertake while on the island.

Unless it's some kind of new type of pharmacy specializing in new types of drugs and services not usually found on the island. Or one selling it's exclusive brand of products.

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