Estimated cost of living in PP

Hi All, I am moving to PP in 3 months. I have seen some fourms but they are old and things may have changed over time. Can anyone give rough estimate of monthly expenses if want to have below lifestyle.

Cost for 1 service apartment including electricity and water bills in good society(not in outskirts)
Maid for cooking and cleaning
Gym membership
Cost of eating indian vegetarian food outside in case maid cannot be arranged for cooking.
Travel expenses(assuming public transport is good).
Hanging out in pub occasionally on weekend.

PS: I am single, cost of living would be 1 person only.

Dear Grvsekhri,

I am a Cambodian. As what you have raised up, the estimated cost is about $1500 per month.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm not an expert on Cambodia however a close friend spends months at a time in Cambodia he pays 150 US a month on an appartment water electric included transport is 1 US and up cheap food dirt cheap beer .75 cents mostly 1 dollar a beer shop around easy street and 1 year visa 290 US you can live cheap if you go slowly and shop around, you feel a lot better now, cheers Dave.


As you're not specifically looking for El Cheapo prices I would say it comes closer to $2000.

But you can lower your budget.

If you have a normal apartment cleaning is included, so no need for a maid re cleaning.

Also cooking is not necessary, you can order Indian food all over the city and it will be delivered at your place. Good Indian food available.

So I saved you the costs of a maid, bringing the budget down to $1750.

Gym would be like $50 a month.

Bars can be expensive, no, you can spend a lot of money in bars, like always happens to me. No budget is given but I usually spend between $100 and $200 a night, reason that I only go out once or twice a month, to the bars that is.

You can get good food at a variety of international and Khmer restaurants. Nearly every taste is available here, be it Mexican, Turkish, Iranian, Greek, Indian and even Ethiopian.
Luckily not many fast food chains here but there are a few Pizza companies, Burger King, there is a Hard Rock cafe and even a Starbucks if you really don't like coffee  :D

It's really great here in PP and if you have the budget available life can be wonderful.


Cambodia expert team

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