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I am one of the unlucky ones, the spouse of a Mauritian who started a job after March 8th and therefore needs a work permit. My employer is happy to apply for this for me and it needs to be obtained by June 28th from what I understand.  However, they say they can't apply yet as I need me to have the residence permit first.  I applied for this last January and was told it would take six months and that I could work in the meantime (this was obviously before the recent changes).  Based on this timetable, my spouse residence is likely to come through in mid July.......after the deadline for the work permit.  Any ideas on how to go round this one?  Any way to speed up the spouse visa?  Can my employer just apply for me like an "expat" rather than a spouse in the meantime and then change it later?  I don't want to lose my job or be sitting at home waiting because of this.  It's worrying me a lot.

I think there are a lot of people caught up in this mess! Keep checking on your residency, they told me at the time I applied for it last year, it would take 4-5 months and not to call them, they would call me. I waited 6 months and hadn't heard anything so I just turned up at Sterling House one day and asked, it was sitting there and in fact had been sitting there for 5 months, the processing had only taken 3 weeks!

That aside you might want to consult with Temple Group who have lawyers who specializes in working with expats on residency and visa issues.

Good luck!


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Good advice thanks.  I hadn't chased it as they said six months.  We followed up and apparently it is ready so we are going to Sterling House tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!!  That's stage 1, then the work permit!!

If you have married a Mauritian citizen before 08 March 2019 and that marriage is still valid today, then you do not need to make an application for any kind of work permit. You remain exempt.

Also Occupation permit vs Spouse Work permit - please choose the spouse work permit and that for several reasons:
1) lower application costs
2) less documentary requirements
3) lower thresholds to meet from your end and that of the employer
4) your OP application may be rejected quite simply because you have already achieved residence status by way of your marriage to a Mauritian citizen.

- A

I hope by now you must have got your work permit sorted and that you are enjoying your work.

Well, I am a non-citizen spouse too & I was  facing exactly the same issues with residence permit and work permit. Just like you mentioned, my residence permit was also ready and just lying there and I received no call.

Can you please tell me how long it took to get your non- citizen spouse work permit (guessing that you applied for same) after application??

My employer made application in Oct 2020 & till date I haven't heard anything.


I got married to mauritian in 2018 applied for resident permit the same year and after 7 months I got the resident permit May 2019. It was stated there that I am not allowed to work without working permit. With the new amendment in 2019 I am confuse and with what you saying here that if I got married before March 2019 then I should be exempted from getting the work permit? Please elaborate.Merci.

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