Bahrain Visa for saudi multiple entry visit visa holder

Hi everyone,

MY family is on a two year multiple open visit visa in Saudi arabia.
I have extended once and have to complete the formality of leaving the kingdom and re-entering.

I would like to take a visit visa to bahrain which would make it eligible for my family to travel by the causeway to Bahrain.
I understand that the U-turn method is no longer possible. and my  nationality is not eligible for on arrival visa.

My question is how do i apply for  Bahrain visa from Saudi which would enable my family to travel via the KIng Fahd causeway?

Please advise.
Thanks in advance.

Unsponsored via - Only multiple entry valid for travel via the causeway

Sponsored - Through a hotel, tour operator or airline

And their Saudi visit visa should say "OPEN" in mode of travel.  Written in Arabic i.e. Maftuh on top left of the visa.

Is there any formality to travel in car.. i mean any documents related to car?

NOC from owner in the system.  If you are the owner then no issue.  You also have to purchase insurance on the causeway for Bahrain - third party.

Hello Brother,

Regarding Visiting Bahrain, i inquired riyadh embassy about e-visa, but they said that i must submit air ticket copy, bank balance and hotel reservation.
But my question is that my wife visa status is OPEN and i want to travel by car, then why i have to submit all these documents??



The why is certainly not something we can question.
However we can find a work around.

There is a website called  This website has an option for a 14 day visit visa via causeway which does not require the additional info as it is a sponsored visa.
The additional cost is 50 USD(approx) per person. Process time is around 4 days.
This in my opinion is the only affordable option.

You have to do a bit of calculation.
How many family members need to do the exit re-entry?

In my case i did the transit via Bahrain airport option.

Thanks for the reply,
I want make exit reentry for my wife only.
Please suggest me the easiest way .

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