Secondary School Children Integration in Luneburg


Am planning to take up masters degree studies this October in Germany, Luneburg,  however I have a 14 year old child who is in secondary school here in Zambia. Any advise on possible schools she could get into?

Thank you in advance

You have three options:
- If the child speaks German, put her into a normal public school. You can get advice from the local Schulamt (school authority) about which type of school is most suitable for her (it depends on previous school performance and intended profession).
- If he/she does not speak German AND you have lots of money, look for an English-language private or international school (which costs EUR1000/month or more).
- If he/she does not speak German and you DON'T have money, look for an integration call at a public school, which prepares foreign children for joining a normal German public school. The child will lose a school year for this.

Thank you for the feedback

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