Renewal visa but they found on my x-ray that i have ptb

Hi. I've been working for 9yrs here in abu dhabi. But today on my renewal of visa, my pro told me that there was a problem on my medical. They make me sign a form regarding the treatment for ptb and non compliance will cancel my recidency. After two weeks i recieved my passport and visa and they gave me a paper that says i will go for x-ray on july. That will be 3 months from my 1st medical exam. It has a note that says issue certificate and follow up, with all my info details. Then below it says
Final action for this case: Release the certificate, ensure that the patient is followed up in infectious diseases clinic after signing the consent form, Report non compliance to DOH/CDD.

What does it mean. Do i need to go to a clinic physician now before my scheduled x-ray which is 3 mo from now? Or should i just do the x-ray and wait for the result if they will be the one who will endorsed me to a physician? Because im wondering why a retake after 3 months? If i haven't got any treatment yet. Im really nervous. Anyone who had the same situation also for renewal but found ptb on x-ray. What was the process?

You need to ask your PRO to guide you.  Generally, they give you treatment then do a re-test.   The scar will never go away but they want to check a box that treatment was provided and that the TB is not active.   For old visas, you can renew, no issue.  Don't miss the treatment or your visa will be cancelled.

I asked the PRO regarding my inquiry, but he just told me that no check up or treatment. Just do another x-ray. I tried to ask the medical center where i did my screening but they don't have an idea as well. I tried to send an e-mail from DOH and still waiting for their reply. I'm not sure if this is just a procedure to confirm if the ptb or i need to go to SEHA. I'm getting anxious because the pro beforehand, handed me to sign a paper indicating that i need to go to physician and get treatment for tb. Failure to comply will make my residency rejected. So im not really sure if i shud go for treatment now or after the second x-ray. I don't know what is they're procedure for renewal of visa.

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