Moving to Helsinki - schooling questions

Hello everyone

We are based in London and planning to move to Finland before the end of the year. We think we will be in Helsinki/Espoo area for 3 years approximately. We are currently looking at schooling options for our English speaking children (8 and 6).

We wanted to take advantage of the fantastic Finnish educational system and had been recommended an English speaking school in Espoo. However, it has been confirmed by the school that both our children would have to go back two academic years - with our youngest having to go back to pre-school. Given that our move is short term, I don’t think they will benefit from the “downgrade” (not facts, just my assumption - happy to be corrected!)

We are considering the IB school in Helsinki as they would adapt better to our children’s current levels. I have been looking for info / experiences online, but have been unable to find much.

Any words of wisdom from anyone who has been in a similar situation would be truly appreciated.

Many thanks

We are in the same situation, although our kids are a little younger.
We are from the states but moving to Helsinki this summer after living in Belgium for the last year where our kids were in international schools.
After many school visits, we finally decided on International School of Helsinki after touring it a few weeks ago.
Happy to discuss what we observed during our visit.

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