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Hello everyone,I am Tobagi and am working as a maid in Saudi Arabia the thing is I came here as a maid,but I was given a caregiver job with heavy housekeeping,I came here as a maid and I am being told to care for an elderly with bladder issue and diabetics as well,I care for her and I take care of the whole house as well but am not happy doing this job so I want to leave,am not leaving becausecof that alone,I lost my mum and I need to go back to my country to pay my last respect to her which is very important in my I will be a spending a year in this job by June 16 this year but am planning to leave first week of august this year for the burial of my mum,now my question is will they buy my air ticket,or what because I didn't sign any contract with anybody before coming here,and an also planning to give them two months notice for them to find a replacement,please what is your advice to me please,thanks a lot.

Really you are in great trouble. You can not do any thing with this saudi people. just keep the decision on God. He knows better.

Resign as soon as you can, to give them time to find a replacement.

Thank you so much,I really appreciate your answer

Thank you,please is there any suggestion you can give to me on how to resign?

I think the best way would be to go to the decision maker and tell him: "My mother passed away on [date]. I would like to go to pay my respects. Can you help me?"

Thank you so much!


U R very very lucky because u have internet access & reading this. Many foreigners have wasted lives like u r going through.

Now follow these three steps urgently.

1) Runaway of saudi if u want to continue living

2) Runaway of saudi if u want to continue living

3) Runaway of saudi if u want to continue living


They may not allow you to go if you tell them that you lost your mother.
I was in the situations like you taking care of an old, disabled and sick woman. When my stepmother died and i informed my employer about it, she refused to let me go.
Instead she said " who will take care of my mother if you go". I ran away from their house to my embassy, from there i was taken to deportation centre and i spent just a week there before coming back to my country.

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