New in Netherlands

My first week here is bad. I got very sick and the reason is  stress of my husband. He is the reason why im sick. He complains about everything. Money, food,on the road.  He is so unhappy because he need to feed me. He is always on the go for an activity with his Friends but will get mad at me when he have to buy me medicine. Specially when he had to bring me to the hospital.  A lot of times I want to kill myself because it really made me feel I'm a burden. He don't say it directly but with his actions I can tell he regret tHAt he is providing for me. He would always tell me to find a job.He knows I don't have a bsn yet.

Hi very bad to hear all. But you have to stay positive because you are also human a d there is life inside you. In Netherland womens have more rights than man. You should contect any near NGO for help. I dont know in which city you live. But womens are not so weak they are stronger than man in many ways. The only way is the women have to find there strength and power.

Try to find your power and fight for your rights.



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