Cost to buy a simple villa

Hi all ,
Anyone have insights on the Cabrera real estate market ?
We will take time to rent in the area to see if it is really for us .
Should we decide to buy ;
We would be looking for a simple , solidly built , 3 + bed house , yard with trees and big enough to put in a pool .
The house should be around 100sq mètres .
Simple is fine so long as we could make improvements.
Absolutely not interested in gated communities.
A distant sea view is a must :)
Is there much availability?
What price range would we be looking at ? ?
Is planning permission difficult/ easy to get to extend a small house ( sideways not up ) ?
Thanks for any help / advice
Husband is fluent in Spanish .

Hi guys how are you?Well i have been living in Cabrera for a number of years.
It is a small town with a growing number of expats generally upper 50s with some families.
There is a mixture of American'Canadian/french.Some German/italian too.
It has numerous beaches within 15_20 minutes and good quality of services for expats and locals with regards to groceries.ans general supplies.It is a layed back place.
With regards to prices  dependes on your budget.Reachout if you want to 8093940113.
Thanks john steven

Hi thanks for the reply :) and hope to meet you when we get to Cabrera in September. For the budget ours is pretty small as we own other properties abroad . So we’re hoping to get something for less than 100,000 dollars as I said someplace simple to improve but with a sea view :) even distant :) and not a gated community.

From what one can glean online, land prices for a small plot of land in the Cabrera area will take up a large chunk of your budget alone.

The reality is that constructing a decent property in DR (not high end) without pool and other external features should cost you about USD 50 per square foot. (I'm currently building more modestly in the campo for USD30 per square foot.)

When you buy through agents the construction cost is going to double and more with land price on top too. So you will likley be looking at well over double the construction cost per square foot.

Your best hope is to find property partly completed, owners needing a quick sale or a parcel of land or property being sold directly by the vendor when visiting the area.

The reality is that the better parts of DR popular with expats cost more and Cabrera is one of them.

Hi thanks for getting back to me..
There are a few properties around what your budget is. With ocean view.As there is a lot of construction/infrastructure going on around the area which increases value.
Building from scratch a simple decent quality 3/2 house  cost is around 75 thousand us.without a pool. On a decent size lot with ocean view, yard. In the mountains 7/10 mins from town.135_150 us. Including pool.
Regards john

Hi , thanks for that advice . Yes , we intend to only buy from a local without a realtor if at all possible . It’s hilarious here in France the prices the expats try to sell their houses at 😂 just because they were stung themselves at one point . Husband has enough of an idea of construction to buy something half decent that we can improve . Anyway , we will really take our time to see if we really like the area .

Okay.Wish you guys the best .Regards john

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