Moving to Cabreara

Hi all ,
We are a French / Irish couple coming to Cabrera in September with a view to staying long term . We have a 7 year old daughter .
We’ve found a house to rent and are looking forward to checking out the area . We’ve lived all over the world as expats and just returned from 5 years in west Africa .
We homeschool , and looking forward to meeting other families especially:)

there are quite a few expats moving to Cabrera, and, having been there, i can see is a lovely little town.

That’s great to hear :) This town came on our radar and since we could settle anywhere we thought why not give it a chance ?
What is the expat profile like there , generally speaking ?

Welcome to the forums.  Yes Cabrera is becoming more popular with those wanting a quieter life!  There are a number of expats there!  Enjoy!

A quieter life ? Not too dead and boring I hope ?

Anyway. We will find out soon :) So long as we can find other families with similar age children and a nice cafe or two we’re good :) A little bit of a pulse would be good but it is a quieter life we’re after .

You should do fine there honey!

We moved here to Cabrera and really enjoy the people and the area. Im sure you will love it here.

Great :) enjoy 😊

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