Was hit by a small truck, reversing without looking

I was sitting at a 90 degree angle some 4 feet behind the truck. When he began driving back, I honked and yelled. He had the window down and would have seen me if he had glanced into the mirror or turned his head.

Need I add that he fled the scene of the accident? Hoping the foreigner he mowed down won't remember the license 36 C 041.85?

Abrasions, bleeding wounds from above the knee to the foot.

I've been using Hydrogen peroxide and iodine on the wounds, rejecting a milky substance containing menthol a Vietnamese wanted me to use (WTH?! She should put that stuff into her wounds before recommending it).

* What about uninsured motorists?

Would you report the accident? I mean, I would get arrested back home for leaving the scene of an accident!

Does anyone know the statistics regarding uninsured motorists?
Years ago, I almost died and no Police was called.

Now, I must buy that bike insurance or stop riding. Surely, there IS insurance I can buy?!? If I harm someone, I want the victim to be covered!!

He fled the scene? And yes. You can go to police to make report.

If you are going to make the report, do it now. Don't wait. You should have never left the scene without making a report.

Thanks - coworkers witnessed it all. The guy tried to make contact and no one bothered to alert me?

Guess he has no cover...

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