Employment visa processing time after labour clearance

Dear All,

I got a job offer from one company in Oman 🇴🇲  on last January 2019. My employer asked for all original certificates and I sent the same on January itself. Few days back the company officials informed me that I got labour clearance and they already filed for employment visa in ROP.

So I want to know how much time it will take to get employment visa as it’s already taken 2 months for getting labour clearance.

Hope I will get a good reply and advice on my above questions.

Thank You

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Hi kris5959,

The delays are usually to obtain labour clearance.

Once the labour clearance is granted, then the employment visa will be issued within a couple of days.

But without the GAMCA medicals, I am not sure how they will issue your employment visa ?

Dear Sumitran Sir,

I am thanking you for your kind reply. Actually, what my employer informed me that, I need to take GAMCA medicals only after they getting one receipt of payment of 350 OMR in ROP during these Employment visa process. So after getting this receipt, I can go for medicals and I need to send the medical report along with 6 photos for stamping Visa. I think for making this payment the ROP needs to verify and accept my documents.  (I think the next delay will be on this part) 

Anyway, I don’t know about the procedures. Hope what they are doing is in a correct and clear way. What’s your opinion on this matter?

Thanks again.

Hi kris5959,

The only place where inordinate delays happen is when the employer / sponsor applies for labour clearance. Once that hurdle is crossed, there would be no further delays as the company has met with all the requirements to hire an expatriate for work.

The only thing an employee needs to pay attention to is to ensure that the employee's designation matches with what is approved by the Ministry of Manpower.

Often times, and out of desperation, the employer / sponsor will use the available clearance to hire the expatriate - even though it might be a gross mismatch, besides being illegal.

Dear Sumitran Sir,

Thanks a lot for your valuable reply to my queries. Now I got an idea about employment visa procedures. Anyway, I will check with them accordingly.

Am also facing such a confused situation now...because,I got offer letter (as a teacher)  on jan 31 st and they asked me to send all my originals along with photographs And Police Clearance Certificate . But, I have taken my Gamca Medical test also, inorder to send it as soon as possible whenever they ask me to send..But, till this may 6 th, i havenot recevd any further information from the institution regarding the submission of medical certificate..and I am tensed that it will get expired on June 21 st..and Am also afraid that, because of school vacation is coming on june and july, i think ,there would be delay yet to finish the process...but even if the interview was conducted on November 15,(because of my badluck) It took 2 and half mnths to send me an offer letter.!.Then again took one month for asking for certificates..Then..now they replied  me that ,my file is with ministry of education at present and would take some more time..But, However,and at any cost, I need this job, but I got into a real mess..!  Are Ramzan days are holidays for Ministry of education? And Does it take long time for labour clearance or what? School vacation would  affect to gtand me visa??  Pls rply

Hi Safna nujoob,

There is no point in your getting all worked up ... because you can do absolutely nothing to hasten the process.

In this case, even though it is really very important to you, you are at best, only a passive spectator with no role to play in the going ons.

All government-related jobs take a long time to happen. Longer than it would in India, in most cases.

And, now with Ramadan starting tomorrow (Tuesday, the 7th of May, 2019), the delay could be even more since all the government institutions and official establishments would be working on truncated timings.

For the ensuing Eid holidays, the entire country would be shut down for a minimum of a week to ten days time.

Do not resign your current job in any rush. Hold on to it and wait until you receive your employment visa. Only then resign from your present job.

Worrying and being anxious would not be of any help in your situation. Instead, try to remain positive and hope for the best to happen ... and, soon !

Hi Safna Nujoob,

What you can do is to pray and wait for good news. As Mr Sumitran sir said, the visa process is time-consuming and delays are common in Oman. Especially Ramadan is going to start. So be patient and continue on your current job. I am also waiting for good news in my matter. And don’t know when it will happen. So be positive.

Again thanks for Sumitran Sir for a detailed reply on this topic.

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