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Hi, I am Palak. I am a qualified company secretary in India with more than 4 years of post qualification experience. I am currently working in one of the Big 4 audit firms. I wish to move to Singapore. I want to know whether an Indian CS is eligible to work in Singapore?
Your response would help! Thanks in advance.

You have come to the right forum!
Please take some time to read existing discussions about the topic (the keyword search function on the upper right of the page will help you find them!. Most likely, all your questions will be answered then. If not, please feel free to come back and post them here.
Good luck!

Hi Beppi!

Thanks for your reply.
I have gone through the previous post.
My two questions:

1) those post belong to 2015- there must be a change in job culture in last 3-4 years.

2) what I could search was to clear CS exams in singapore you need to be a resident, and residency status is very tough there. So will I even to eligibile to appear for exams?

I will be moving to Singapore on a DP.


1. Of course work culture is (slowly) changing all the time. But only someone with a deep insight could tell how that affects your specific field. And individual companies also have their own style, which might differ from general trends.
2. if residency is required to take the exam, and you are not resident (yet), then you cannot take the exam.
Please note that DP is a residence visa.

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