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Hi all,
I recently released a book, ‘Pedals, Paddles and Potholes’ telling my story of extreme adversity, overcoming it, and eventually kayaking across Bass a Strait. The Melbourne & Sydney launch have gone very well and I will be in Penang from 21 - 28 May.
I would like to connect with the ex-pat community (my partner Charmaine lived in Penang for 5 years as a teenager and we are considering residence there). I also wondered if you would be interested in a presentation on the story whilst we are in town. I am told it is a captivating story and well told 😊.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Warmest regards

There are many Facebook groups for Penang. (Malaysia runs on FB). One that might be interesting is PACCAM Penang Arts Culture Creativity and Music. Penang also has a Literary Festival

Thank you! I will have a look!

On a social level there are Coffee mornings in Penang each week and other socials. FB group Penang Island Community is a place to start. Penang Coffee and Chat is another group plus Penang Coffee on Thursdays

Gerakbudaya bookshop has events and you could contact the owner Ismail Gareth Richards

Another option may be a presentation to the IWA (International Women's Association) which has lots of events for spouses as well officeiwapenang[at]

Here's the guy who hosts book launches

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