Shipping bicycle to Thailand

Is it worthwhile to ship my used mountain bike to Thailand from America?

Thanks for any advice.

Well I considered the same thing, luckily when I did bring a bike from Seattle, Korean Air gave me a pass on the cost usually 100 USD as I only had one other checkable bag and was normally allowed 2 for an international fight, other wise unless it is a valuable bike like a high end carbon frame you can treat yourself to a nice new MTB from a local shop for about 400 USD dollars and no hassle, which I also did a year later as my Scott CR1 didn't really like the local roads, narrow tires 25mm and very stiff frame, so I sold that for a profit on craigslist BKK, and bought a brand new Trek 3500 for 14,500 Baht and it actually worked out perfectly , I did change over to non nubby Kendra road ties which are much smooth running on the local roads, the large profile is nice for chuck holes and the odd bit of bad road , gravel or dirt , I frequent with the local bike club taking back shortcuts thought town. So you certainly have options, and if you have a bike you love, certainly tear it down , box it up nicely and bright it with you , I did.

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